V/A - Sleepwalker / Fen - Call of ashes II / Stone and Sea CD digipak

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V/A - Sleepwalker / Fen - Call of ashes II / Stone and Sea CD digipak (Ksenza) Fen performs traditional post black metal, which the musicians skillfully enrich with the traits of individuality, whether it be some light ambient notes, long acoustic parts or tricky game with clean and aggressive vocals. At the same time the band, which initially drew its inspiration from the peculiar beauty of the British region The Fen and its wetlands, honed the skill to immerse the listener into the atmosphere of epic odysseys. There are wanderings among unexplored unsteady paths in the natures of nature, during which almost all the emotions are encountered: fear of the unknown, thirst for adventure, fearlessness, courage, euphoria. Sleepwalker offer instrumental-only tracks, so lyrics and vocals are absent, leaving emphasis on the foreboding instrumentation. Endearingly amateurish, chilling plucked strings, basic dark ambient atmospherics, and the use of pace, and the spacing between ideas to draw out the tracks and draw the listener in, making the most of the present elements. This is a haunting low to mid tempo, mostly clean release. Distortion is sparing, and used climatically. The tone is perhaps best fit for a chilly night, reading or writing.

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