Khragkh - Ersatz CD

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Khragkh - Ersatz CD (Der Schwarze Tod and COD Label) Physical jewel box CD with 12 pages booklet printed on heavyweight glossy coated paper with glossy varnish. KHRAGKH - sounds like "krah" and means "collapse, crush, wreckage" from the Belarusian language."Ersatz" it is "surrogate".
In album conception, it means defective substitute of ideas, systems... a multitude of life.The album contains 7 abstract stories connected with multifaceted conception, that impregnated by deep symbolism about slavery, death, war, philosophy and ancient history, that was actually a long time ago and in present time. This stories may be interpreted from the side of the personal human inner world, side of social or even present state systems.Incertitude, spiritual weakness, stupidity, religion, government... Everything from that killing your mind and trying to make you slave (physically and morally)."Ersatz" its exhortation to rebellion!"Ersatz" its manifest of spiritual and physical freedom.

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