Heimat - Heem CD

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Heimat - Heem CD Belgian Pagan Black Metal. With members of Paragon Impure and Finsternis, you know this is going to be good! Heimat translates roughly to Homeland. Vocals from a berserker who starts each day by gargling boiling oil. The gnarled voice occasionally breaks from the rough to a some surprising cleanly sung parts, for an epic feel to raise Heimat's horn high, sloshing mead upon their tunics, only to delve into battle once more with a brazen Teutonic might. Sparse warm acoustic guitars overlay the dark grim black metal riffage in a few parts. But for the most part, Heimat is clearly inspired by German thrash metal bands, while instilling an unhealthy dose of modern black metal stylings into their sound. A genuinely good album that represents underground metal in it's purest form. This will receive many many many listens in our dungeon.

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