Nortt - Ligfaerd CD

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Nortt - Ligfaerd CD (Red Stream)

Nortt - Ligfaerd is very simplistic and very minimalistic in every way. The percussion is straight forward at all times and very rarely deviates from the simple one-two-three of snare,symbol,bass drum. You would think that this would be nothing special in funeral doom but in this case it enhances the music. Nortt's drums are very loud and have an almost explosive quality to them. Every time the kick hits it jumps into you. This makes the feeling of dread even deeper in the music because the percussion adds a feeling of something always approaching.

The looming percussion is perfect for the guitar. The guitar is very low and rough. It is hard to make out a lot of the time. He very rarely plays anything other than simple chords. When it comes down to it the guitar sounds purely evil and it couldn't get any heavier. The drums and the guitar combine to weave a great feeling of dread and approaching doom.

Nortt's Ligfeard is a hollow black hole of despair. Like crawling in a cave in the dark, Nortt's second full length is deeply seeped with darkness and, for music, it even seems to have a certain moisture to it. Imagine being alone in these dark cavernous depths and hearing the hellish sound of hell's industries of torment and torture.

This album achieves perfectly from beginning to end what it was supposed to. Music that is completely devoid of positivity. This is one of the best funeral doom albums ever made. Nortt will forever be a constant in funeral doom. If you need to listen to something intensely sorrowful, hateful, and evil this is it.

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