Piarevaracien - If No Sun Digipack CD

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Piarevaracien - If No Sun Digipack CD (Crush The Desert) Piarevaracien translates to Werewolf. Pagan folk black metal that could redefine the genre with it's fresh and unique approach. Russian Belarussian folk melodies in the guitars, with varied song writing overall. The sparse use of a flute as well as the also rarely used - but excellent - clear vocals. There is nothing gimmicky about this band's approach. Each song is a powerful anthem of serious pagan attitude and perfectly executed musicianship assembled into a well-balanced recording that is never over-polished. Re-Issue with 1 bonus track and English translation of lyrics in a beautiful nine-panel foldout digipack plus detailed color booklet. This is one of those albums that keep the Pagan fire in our hearts burning brightly! Don't miss this!

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