WAR PLAGUE - Government Issued Murder 7 in Vinyl EP

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WAR PLAGUE - Government Issued Murder 7 in Vinyl EP. WAR PLAGUE is an intoxicatingly soul-destroying hyperfast freezing-cold black metal experience sent forth to obliterate the weak. Scathing guitar sounds with winding and convoluted riffing, bleak and unnerving black metal shrieks, coupled with all-absorbing war noise atmospheres. We felt that this amazing recording deserved a proper release on limited edition 7 in vinyl EP. The songs are so hyperfast that the enitre 6-song EP was included on one vinyl EP with full-color jacket and artwork Track Listing: 1) One Mission (To Kill, Combat and Destroy) 2) Advance 3) Feeding Worms 4) P.O.W.M.I.A. 5) War Head 6)...And War Did Rage

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