Fleurety - Fragmenta Cvinsis 7 " inch Vinyl EP (Aesthetic Death)

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4th in the Fleurety 7" series. Limited to 666 copies. Comes with sticker.
Feels like a night sky in it’s contemplative nature. The way that guitars and synths are used midway is also quite unique. It feels very progressive, This EP release has shown that Fleurety still have plenty of music in them, and it’s far more than can be experienced within the approximate twelve minutes that this disc runs. Vinyl 7” great for collectors. Shows the world that they can build a better beast and have more to offer than the awkwardness brought on by Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs nearly twenty years ago. Fleurety aren’t getting any younger and from the looks of this one, there may very well be no better time than now for a proper third full-length from one of metal’s most interesting and overlooked bands.

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