Ildverden - Black Midnight Follows Me (Темнiч чорна йде за мною) CD

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Black Midnight Follows Me (Темнiч чорна йде за мною) is a co-release of Pagan Flames Productions and Satanath Records. The new album Black Midnight Follows Me from the Ukrainian pagan black metal band Ildverden

Ildverden is a Ukrainian language black metal band from Crimea formed in 2007 in Simferopol. Ildverden consists of Kvolkaldur, since its formation to the present day. In 2010 Kvolkaldur released the first self-titled album, Ildverden, recorded as early as 2007 on the independent label AGD Productions. The second album, Path to Eternal Frost and Fire written in 2008 was never officially released. In 2013 Kvolkaldur recorded De hmary Cry , the lyrics of which were written entirely in Ukrainian. The album was offered free by the artist in 2014.

The new album, Black Midnight Follows Me, is impregnated with classic old school black metal, characteristic for this style of darkness, aggression and depression. The lyrics of Ildverden's first albums were of pagan subjects, but significantly stepped aside for this latest work of pure existentialism and anti-christianity.

Black Midnight Follows Me
01. Eyes of Dead Moon
02. Dark Distance Rised
03. Völuspá
04. Black Midnight Follows Me
05. Lightning's Light In Eyes

Length – 64:19

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