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Spirit in Flames is a work of underground dark heathen metal for fans of Primoridial, Isengard, and Bathory! When Bitter Spring Sleeps has returned to its black metal roots yet retained the solid clean vocal style of previous efforts to create a new genre of black heathen metal for the endtimes. Immersive atmosphere with powerful anthems to conjure fire in Pagan and Heathen hearts. Field recordings and nature interludes recorded at between 2013 - 2015.

The Father of Wolves is dead. But, the Coven he has set free upon the world of man has grown beyond number. Even behind the wall of death, His witchcraft sparks to life in a new Matriarch. A Spirit in Flames to burn away the sins of man and return their hunting grounds to the primordial black forest of old.

See below for link to the official lyric video to When Bitter Spring Sleeps track 'Raven in the Ribcage' and detailed photos of the high quality digipack.

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