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Krallice - Years Past Matter CD digipack (Avantgarde Music) This time around with their fourth album Years Past Matter, Krallice aren't even providing any standard song titles to help understand their work. Like the unnamed song titles, the songs blend together as if the entire disc was one epic, sprawling piece. The opaque, heady songwriting requires many, many listens before any amount of understanding can be gleamed from the music. It teases the listener with fleeting promises of some sort of revelation of understanding that ultimately disappear as soon as they appear. Indeed, this is not something to listen to passively. This is not meant to be a knock to the band – it’s as challenging and intriguing as it is somewhat baffling. The performances, as Krallice fans have grown to expect, are flawless. All the instruments are clearly audible and Mick Barr & Colin Marston's intertwining riffage is as fantastic as ever. Most of the vocals are bassist Nick McMaster's lower growls this time around, as the band has mostly abandoned Barr's higher shrieks, but McMaster's are still strong and give the music a different flavor. It would be misguided to dismiss such passionate, ambitious and unique black metal. Given the right attention, Years Past Matter reveals itself to be a rewarding, evocative experience.

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