Usipian - Dead corner of the eye CD

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Usipian - Dead corner of the eye CD (Metal Fortress) Danish act that plays Suffocation-style brutal death. Unabashadly oldschool: definite nods to the Morbid Angel and Deicide of old. A lot of melodic twists; with their grandiose, harmonized riffing. The vocals could be described as a fusion between Frank Mullen and Glen Benton, which fits the mid to fast paced music very well. The production is very clear and bass heavy, appropriate for the style. However, a couple things push this album from above average to pretty damned good: the drummer is superb. Not so much in speed or technicality (though those factors are perfectly sufficient for the task at hand), but in his Sandoval-like ability to match the music at hand almost flawlessly. He exhibits his skill at writing rhythms which boasts a fantastic percussive intro before the blasting starts. Secondly, the structure of this release is very highly developed. Usipian rarely tend to repeat musical sections, so the compositions tend to take on a more elaborate, unfolding quality than most death metal. When sections are repeated, they're done very cleverly. The key element here is thoughtful and varied songwriting. An amazing album!

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