Blot Mine - Ashcloud CD

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Blot Mine - Ashcloud CD (Metal Fortress) Swedish black metal horde presents their sophmore full-length effort. A psychotically fast album and intricately technically proficient, yet retaining a grim melodicism. So even though you will find the typical Dark Funeral / Setherial kind of speed, there will be no hateful, dismal atmosphere. Instead, the focus here is on the beauty of the melodies, with extremely catchy harmonies and arpeggios. Still, as on any CD that falls under the Swedish BM genre, the stress is on dual guitars (sometimes even 3 guitars), used to create a full soundwall that can satisfy any fan.The thoughts expressed here are dark ones, but I will not attempt to interpret or even label them. An overall view of the band’s opinions and ideals can be found on their official site. So if you ‘re seeking bands with typical BM lyrics, you’ll be disappointed.

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