Idis Orlog - Froya og Svipdag & Songs from Njartharlag CD digipack

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Idis Orlog - Froya og Svipdag & Songs from Njartharlag CD digipack. Nordic inspired folk music with a very Pagan and sometimes an eerie witchy vibe. The instrumentation on this album is all acoustic and consists of harp, guitar, Hardanger fiddle, shaman drum, mouth harp, flute, and voice. Siv Idis is joined by Runahild of Eliwagar, who lends drum, fiddle and flute on most songs, and backing vocals. The songs are dedicated to the folk stories of yore, to the passing of the seasons, the solstices, and the archetypes and energetic characteristics that make up the fabric of our past, present and future. Getting to the roots, getting to the heart of things, and seeking out the truth is a motivation in all things with Idis Ørløg. (Idis means “goddess”, “protectress”. Ørløg means wyrd (karma)). Beautiful package and booklet. 

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