When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Dungeon Metal

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When Bitter Spring Sleeps - "Dungeon Metal" Professionally Manufactured Cassette Tape

When Bitter Spring Sleeps descends ever downward into the abysses of the infinite cosmic dungeon.

While honoring WBSS' black metal roots, DUNGEON METAL adds grim whispered vocals in the vein of LYCIA, and old school dungeon synth elements to its underground sound.

Combined with cold black metal guitars and sinister moaning aspects of guitar synth hamonies, this release takes WBSS back down from the stars into the deepest, dankest, recesses of the dungeons in your mind. Prepare to delve for gold and glory.

Prepare to be ensorceled by the greedy spirits of old that dwelleth in the cobweb-draped chambers of antiquity.

Mastering of DUNGEON METAL was performed by the amazing Jori Apedaile, owner/engineer at Black Lodge Studios as well as member of the awe-inspiring beautiful metal act ENEFERENS.

Dungeon Metal track-listing:
1. DungeonKrawler
2. Crossing the Moonbridge
3. Stellar Ancestry
4. Summoned By An Ancient Call

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